SARAH SLEAN–THE GIRL KNOWS WHAT SHE WANTS! Sarah Slean is a Canadian songwriter/singer who knows who she is and what she wants. She wants to continue to compose songs, sing them and study everything in the world for the rest of her life. (This as one in a continuing series of articles about […]

To understand why these things are driving you crazy, You need to get to know yourself.

Self-Knowledge College is the place to do it. There are life changing benefits to overcoming you reluctance and learning about yourself.

HELLO, MY NAME IS FRANK DALEY We don’t know each other yet…although I hope we get to. I’ll be talking about you…about us…here on The Daley Post. I don’t know you… but the problem is, maybe you don’t really know you either. And if you don’t really know yourself, three bad things are going to […]

Pitch your game and be yourself like… WHO? You may not know Edinson Volques. I didn’t either until five minutes ago. You may not know baseball but you do know sports. Edinson Volques is baseball pitcher for the Pittsburgh Pirates and he’s pitching tonight against the San Francisco Giants in a wild card playoff game.  […]