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Fidgety kids–The “real” reason.

The “real” reason for fidgetation (!) FIDGETY KIDS (PART THREE) I’ve published two posts on fidgety kids recently. (You can find links to them below.) Here’s another opinion by pediatric occupational therapist Angela Hanscom writing in The Huffington Post.   She (or her editor) charcterized this–lack of movement in everday life–as the ‘real” reason kids […]

Fidgety kid

Fidgety boys and how they learn. Letters and comments

Fidgety boys: how they learn. Here are some examples of Letters to the Editor of the NYTimes on David Leonhardt’s piece,  A Link between fidgety boys and a sputtering economy First, Mr Leonhardt’s piece:  “A Link Between Fidgety Boys and a Sputtering Economy,” by David Leonhardt (The Upshot, April 29): Then some commentary– The Different […]


Five things students need to be “college-ready.”

FIVE THINGS STUDENTS NEED TO BE “COLLEGE-READY.” “The phrase “college and career ready” is today’s education reform mantra.  John Warner, writing on Inside Higher Education, takes the educational politicians to task and tells you what he thinks students really need to succeed in college, aside from basic skills of course. You know, like the ability to read […]


At-risk students. False and real reasons for failure.

At-risk students Students give various reasons for failing at school, dropping out or otherwise being at-risk for those things. WHAT ARE THE FALSE “REASONS” FOR  STUDENT FAILURE?    1. “I’m stupid.” 2. The teacher hates me. 3. I was never any good at school. 4. etc. Wrong. Students make mistakes about their education simply because […]


Do What You Love but first know who you are

Do what you love. But first- know who you are. I hope you’ve asked  yourself “Who am I and what am I doing here?” In this country in this relationship in this educational  program in this job. This is getting self-knowledge. Finding out who you are and what you want is not easy. It is, […]

Why Some Women Seek Affairs (Dating site report!)

WHY SOME WOMEN SEEK AFFAIRS We all “know” why men have affairs. Or at least we think we know. But men have affairs with women–they don’t do it on their own. (There’s another word for that!) So why do women have affairs? Mike Bundrant,  on Psych Central, reports a “study” that shows sex is another […]

Going to bed angry. What Might Happen.

There’s an old saying: Never go to bed angry.” A coda was “Because other person could die in the night.” Chances are slim but they occur. Well that happened to Hanna Engle’s sister and she and Jake Engle write about it on PsychCentral. She talks about “reology”or the art of the Re-Do (or apology). Before […]